Ends on April 21, 2019

Our format involves dynamic peer learning among environmental professionals, educators, tech innovators, and scientists. Thus our sessions are not organized as panels; we move around and find work-arounds for the common obstacles confronted in our work for more efficient, sustainable systems. This means your abstract (350 words or less) should contain an idea you (and/or your team) can convey to others in the form of a lightning talk, and then share more about over the course of an interactive master class facilitated by some of our experienced case authors.  Our submission process also allows you upload relevant media work (up to two files).  Please choose among one of this year's emerging themes or propose an alternate theme for us to consider. The themes below are linked to cases from our collection that provide examples of ideas relevant for each theme.

2019 Emerging Themes:

a) cross-sector collaboration for sustainability

b) climate adaptation in cities

c) sustainable food systems

d) landscape management (invasive species, wildlife) 

e) water in ecosystem and human health